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transcript:, my two best friends from college--and we graduated in 73’--we still keep in touch... whenever I would go home to Baltimore I would see them and any time I would talk to them it was always like we just saw each other yesterday. So I think friendship is very I important. That is what has helped me a lot in my lifetime. 


I guess I evolved. You know, you’re a daughter, a sister, a cousin, you’re a student, and then you decide—I was a teacher, and then you become a mother, and a wife of course, but I’ve always been friends with people. Friends have really been an important thing; my kids are very important to me and my family. 


It has been a godsend because my husband died 12 years ago. He had early onset Alzheimer’s he got it at 52 and so we lived with that for five years before he died. But that taught me a lot, and it taught our sons a lot. I tell you, If it wouldn’t have been for my family and my dear friends that I have, I was very strong through it. But even after I often thought I am glad I’m not one of those women like their whole life was just their husband. They didn’t have any outside people- I would have been lost because it kept me involved with people and engaged. And I’ve always, you know- I believe in living life to the fullest, so if I want to do something, I’m going to do it.

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