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JASZ:  I’ve never worn something that felt "me" 100%. When I suit up and accessorize, yeah that’s really fun, but it’s not exactly how I want to feel. Then when wear more feminine things or wear a dress and I’m in company that I know I’m safe in, it still doesn’t feel exactly how I want it to feel. 


VERONICA: What are you missing?


JASZ:  I’m... honestly, I'm missing years of genuine okayness with my gender identity. I’m missing the experience and the experimentation everybody else was allowed to have since they were three. I’m missing my mom picking out clothes for me because she thought it would be cute. I’m missing my friends going shopping with me and getting me stuff and telling me what they think is cute.

VERONICA: I'll go shopping with you! I'll tell you what's cute.

JASZ: Yeah... and that's what I need! I am missing the socialization of a celebration of my gender identity instead of me suppressing it to fit in with what’s expected of me. (That's what I'm missing.)

VERONICA: That sounds very frustrating.

JASZ:  It's extremely frustrating.



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